Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pathology Report

Scott again.......wanted to share some good news. Dr S called this evening and informed Julie that they were able to remove 35 lymph nodes from the right side and only ONE was cancerous! The one that was biopsied during the surgery. Good thing they found that one. It actually didn't register on the device used to measure for tracers injected prior to surgery (to find sentinel nodes). Dr S just thought it felt unusual and slightly large so he removed it. We knew he was good and this is big-time evidence.
Her mass on the right that we knew was cancerous was sized at 3cm, which is smaller than the 5cm Dr S and Dr C thought it was from individual breast exams prior to surgery, so that is good too. They did find other areas in the right side that were cancerous and on the left side in all four quadrant of the breast. They were all very small and still within the ducts though. Again, confirming that we did the right thing in removing both breasts. The official stage of her disease is II-B. All things considered, this is good. Thank you, God.
Now back to the recovery..........


  1. Wow Julie you are an amazing woman. Stay strong and think positive. It can only get better from here on out. Love you much and miss seeing your sweet face at the office


  2. Sounds like you have a great doctor. I hope you are feeling better as each day passes. I was actually having an ultrasound and biopsy on the day you were having surgery and was definitely thinking about you. Fortunately, my results were benign. I'm still thinking about you all the time. Hope to see you well and happy in the near future. Take care. Love, Bev

  3. Glad to read this good news! I will be following and praying. hugs, Liz

  4. Julie.... I'm praying....
    I have been in the office several times recently....and ask about YOU!!!
    I just heard about a place that makes wigs from your own hair.... wanted to pass along that info...
    Anton's Hair Salon

    13240 NE 20th, Suite 11
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